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Councillor Swear In Ceremony

Hepburn Shire Council Councillor Swear In Ceremony 2020. Image supplied

At a Special Meeting held on Thursday night, Hepburn Shire Councillors-Elect were sworn in at a ceremony. In accordance with the Local Government Act, all Councillors were required to take an Oath/Affirmation of Office and sign the Councillor Code of Conduct.
The meeting was held virtually and streamed via Zoom on Council’s Facebook page.
Evan King said he was looking forward to working with Councillors over the next four years, particularly as we develop some important strategic documents, including the Council Plan, 10 Year Community Vision, 4 Year Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, Community Engagement Policy and 10 Year Financial Plan.
“Councillors have been participating in a comprehensive induction program this week which will help them carry out their important role as community representatives in their Wards,” said Mr King.

The Councillors are:
Birch Ward – Jen Bray and Lesley Hewitt
Cameron Ward – Tessa Halliday
Coliban Ward – Brian Hood
Creswick Ward – Don Henderson and Tim Drylie
Holcombe Ward – Juliet Simpson