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First Online Exhibition for WAMA

Artist Rosalind Lawson in her studio. Photo submitted

Artists of the Ballarat region are well represented in the first online exhibition of the Wildlife Art Museum Australia (WAMA).

Thirty artists from across Australia are showcased in Nature Nurturing Art, an exhibition curated by Ballarat-based Merle Hathaway to draw awareness to the WAMA Project and to the connections between art, science and the environment.

From this region are painters Rosalind Lawson and Steve Sedgwick, printmaker Vida Pearson, and photographer Lynden Nicholls.

The exhibition also includes major Australian artists John Wolseley, Janet Laurence, Jennifer Marshall, Dianne Emery, Heather Shimmen, Noel Hart and Carmel Wallace.

The artwork is in all mediums and styles and ranges from botanical art to abstraction; from photography and painting to sculpture and jewellery. Some artists are deeply influenced by remote Australia and indigenous cultures while others take inspiration from their local environment.

“I am intrigued by artists who dedicate years to exploring aspects of the natural environment,” Ms Hathaway said.

“Nature both inspires and nurtures these artists. A painter may focus on the shimmer of light on water. A photographer uncomfortably waits for hours to capture ‘that shot’ of a bird in flight.  This exhibition peeps into the worlds of artists interpreting our unique Australian environment.”

Ballarat photographer Neil Para and Merle have produced a film giving a glimpse of the world of Rosalind Lawson in her Napoleans studio. It was planned to film other artists in their studios however the COVID restrictions have unfortunately this.

“I am delighted to organise the very first online exhibition for WAMA, to bring awareness to this important genre of nature-inspired art and to the wonderful WAMA Project,” Merle said.

 WAMA’s Nature Nurturing Art online art exhibition is available for viewing from the 1st of September to the 16th of October at www.wama.net.au/art-exhibition

 Located adjacent to the National Heritage Listed Grampians (Gariwerd), WAMA is creating a wildlife and art precinct that inspires, educates and stimulates our connection with nature.  WAMA will boast a dedicated gallery showcasing art inspired by nature, set within botanic gardens and wetlands, that will nurture and protect rare species of plants and animals.  WAMA will be a unique tourist destination that celebrates the relationship between, art, science and nature.

Rosalind Lawson’s painting ‘Monument’. Photo submitted