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Recruitment to begin for new City of Ballarat CEO

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Ballarat Mayor Cr Ben Taylor confirmed that he has sent out a Request for Quote for the recruitment of a suitably qualified and experienced recruitment agency to assist Council to recruit for a new CEO.

“In line with our Procurement Policy, the Council is inviting 10 recruitment agencies from the City of Ballarat’s approved supplier panel and also from the Procurement Australia list of providers,” he said.

The 10 agencies include three local agencies, agencies with a presence in the Australian Local Government Job Directory and other search agencies that specialise in the recruitment of executives.

Together, these agencies will provide a comprehensive regional, national and international lens to recruit a high performing candidate who will lead the City of Ballarat for the next five years and deliver the vision of a newly elected Council.

“The new CEO will be expected to begin work in early 2021 and will be tasked with ensuring good governance within the organisation and at Council and Committee Meetings, implementing the Action Plan from the Organisational Governance and Culture Assessment by Susan Halliday AM, and leading, embedding and modelling a culture of integrity, transparency, innovation and service within the organisation,” Cr Taylor added.

“The new CEO will also work with Council to develop and agree on priorities for the Council term within the Council Plan and demonstrate accountability in implementing the Council Plan through public reporting on actions, progresses and achievements.

“Council will consider quotes and proposals from recruitment agencies at the Council Meeting of Wednesday 16 September 2020. After the Saturday 24 October Council Elections, the newly elected Councillors will consider a list of potential candidates. Interviews and the selection process will then take place. A further announcement will be made once the appointment has been finalised.”