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League Statement: Robert Muir

‘The Ballarat FNL join the wider football community in apologising for the historical racism shown towards indigenous players, such as that bravely laid bare by Robert Muir in recent days.

The disrespect shown towards Robert during his playing days in the BFL is not a reflection of the modern game and is one the league and each of its affiliated clubs have worked hard to stamp out in recent times.

With the passing of many years, it is now difficult to understand how such decisions could have been made in 1971 and the current League Board does not condone any such actions of racism.

The racist views and behaviours of the period in which Robert Muir experienced such disrespect do not, rightly, fit with our modern society. It is our hope that as a League and a community we have learnt from the past to ensure such mistakes are not made again.

The Ballarat FNL will continue every effort to make the game as inclusive and welcoming for all participants, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.’