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Works Planned for Mineral Springs in Hepburn Shire

Mineral Springs Reserves around the Shire will be big winners out of the 2020-21Budget recently adopted by Council.

Cr Fiona Robson, Chair of the Mineral Springs Advisory Committee, said that these mineral spring precincts are important parts of our Shire’s natural landscape.

“These much-loved mineral springs are a rich part of our history that need to be preserved and protected for residents and visitors to enjoy into the future,” said Cr Robson.

The 2020-2021 Budget has funding available for the following projects:

  • Hepburn Mineral Springs – weed management program ($169,000)
  • Hepburn Mineral Springs – artist in residence pilot project to make use of the caretaker Cottage
  • Central Springs Reserve – repair pedestrian footbridge to reinstate safe pedestrian link to twin bridges ($27,000)
  • Central Springs Reserve – closure of Hard Hills, Wagga Wagga and Sutton Mineral Pit Springs with interpretive signage ($20,000 grant funded, $6,000 shire funded)
  • Jubilee Lake Reserve – upgrades to paths to improve accessibility, interpretive signage and directional signage ($61,000)
  • Jubilee lake Reserve – commence Furniture renewal program ($33,000)
  • Lake Daylesford Reserve – repairs to Amphitheatre following landslip damage ($24,000)
  • Chatfield Reserve Lake Daylesford – planning project for improved landscape, paths and beatification ($9,000).

Funding is also being carried forward from the 2019-2020 Budget for projects such the Central Springs Reserve Master Plan and pavilion replacement and grant funding for Jubilee Lake improvements and interpretive signage.