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Community invited to share their vision on Ballarat’s 2030 tourism plan

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The Ballarat community is being invited to view the outputs of a number of co-design workshops and focus groups for the 2030 Ballarat Traveller Experience Plan (TEP). By sharing the work done to date, the City of Ballarat is inviting the community to share their thoughts and ideas.

The TEP aims to redefine Ballarat’s potential to become Australia’s most exceptional regional tourism destination. It will set out the vision for tourism to Ballarat in 2030, the aspirational experiences we will offer, and the investment required to get us there.

The TEP has been developed from a collaboration between the City of Ballarat and local industry representatives from the visitor economy. It is being put together by TRC Tourism, an international recreation, tourism and planning consulting firm, who was chosen as the successful consultant through a competitive tender process to develop the plan.

As a response, TRC assembled an exceptional team of internationally recognised sustainable tourism and experience designers.

The TEP will provide a clear roadmap to develop and grow Ballarat’s visitor economy both in terms of future product offering including accommodation, attractions and marketing.

The TEP will also acknowledge and address that COVID-19 has changed tourism locally and globally. It will support the recovery and reopening of our visitor economy and be the first in Victoria to address what tourism will look like post COVID-19.

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Ben Taylor says Ballarat’s tourism sector is vital to Ballarat’s economy.

“It’s imperative that all stakeholders have the opportunity to have their say about this new tourism plan as it will play a significant role in kickstarting our economy in a post COVID-19 world.”

“This plan will look to support the development and recovery of our visitor economy and will provide us with opportunities to drive and inspire visitors.”

Feedback will be open until Monday 31 August.

To have your say on the Ballarat Traveller Experience Plan visit https://mysay.ballarat.vic.gov.au/traveller-experience-plan-survey