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Ballarat FNL 2021 Allowable Player Payments

The McDonalds Ballarat FNL has announced the Allowable Player Payments (APP) for the 2021 season.

After considerable input and review from various stakeholders, the league supports a reduction in APP for next season and beyond as a means of supporting clubs through this current period.

The reduced salary cap will further address a number of concerns from clubs who have been subjected to varying APP across metro leagues.

For season 2021, the Allowable Player Payments amount will be $100,000 per senior team. All other aspects of the application of the APP will remain in place. Further discussion is taking place on how player points will be applied for 2021.

By reducing the “salary cap” from $140,000 to $100,000, the league has listened to concerns of clubs and have found this to be one method for providing some financial relief moving forward.

League Chair Adrian Bettio stated, “The real concern and feedback from clubs is about being financially viable in to next year and beyond. This reduced cap which the league has pushed for will go a long way to providing some help in budgets and bringing the cap back to a more realistic amount under the current circumstances”.

The new APP will be in line with metro leagues that border our competition and provide a more equitable playing field when it comes to recruitment of players.