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Prince Of Wales Park Lights Up

Prince of Wales Park lit up. Photo City of Ballarat.

Installation of lighting at Ballarat’s Prince Of Wales Park will benefit hockey players and spectators.

A new eight-pole system is the main feature of new infrastructure at Ballarat Hockey Centre and includes new asphalting at the site.

The $420,000 project was fully funded by the City of Ballarat and delivered by DeAraugo and Lea Electrical Contractors.

The lighting provides versatility for any fixture, whether it be a match, training session or a public event, and will suit the needs of Hockey Ballarat and the community.

Each light pole is 18 metres in height and includes four LED light fittings per pole.

“Hockey is a very popular sport here in Ballarat but we still have a long way to go toward properly resourcing the sport,” Cr Amy Johnson said.

“In the meantime these new lights mean the pitch is safer to play on for both juniors and seniors.

“As an added bonus, the lights are more environmentally friendly, energy efficient and cheaper to run, which will reduce the financial costs to Hockey Ballarat.”