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Pyrenees Shire Correa Park Open Space

Pyrenees Shire Offices. Photo eCommunity Press

Pyrenees Shire Council has decided to implement a green space at Correa Park.

Council debated the merits of setting aside a lot from Stage 3 for a reserve at the July Ordinary Meeting.

Residents of Correa Park had presented a petition to Council to keep Lot 5 (7 Acacia Court) in public hands.

“An initial report was prepared and discussed at an earlier meeting, and the issue returned to us in July with further information about the costs involved in allocating the land as green space,” Mayor Tanya Kehoe said.

“The parcel of land about 1200 square metres in size will be retained and Council will monitor its ongoing use as a public park,” Cr Kehoe said.

Correa Park has ample lot sizes for gardens, and investment from earlier stages was put towards other green spaces within the Beaufort community to encourage participation.

Council will also look to name the park in former Councillor Michael O’Connor’s memory.

Meanwhile, work is progressing well on the civil works for Stage 4 and 5.

Correa Park is one of Council’s key drivers to increase housing stock and grow the town of Beaufort.

The civil works involve the construction of streets, drainage, footpath kerb and channel and the connection of water and power.

Stages 4 and 5 include 39 lots for future homes and will be released later in the year.