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Hepburn Shire Council Leadership and Statement

Hepburn Shire Council has recently adopted a new ‘Prevention of violence against women and children’ leadership statement, reaffirming its commitment to be an advocate and leader addressing social issues that impact the health and wellbeing of our community.

Cr Licia Kokocinski said that violence against women and children is a serious social justice issue.

“Family violence is a crime. Council has an important leadership role to play in supporting victims/survivors of family violence and ensuring that everyone feels safe in their homes,” said Cr Kokocinski.

In Australia, one woman is killed each week by their current or former partner. One in three women have experienced physical violence and Victorian police respond to over 200 incidents of family violence each day. Of the people affected by family violence, 75% of the victims were female while 25% were male (Crime Statistics Agency).

Council recognises that women and children from rural and remote locations, diverse communities (including Indigenous, migrant and LGBTIQ women), older women, and those living with a disability, are at greater risk of family violence.  These women often experience gender inequality and other forms of discrimination simultaneously. These population groups, particularly older women, are well represented in the Hepburn Shire community.

“Violence against women is preventable. As members of the CoRE Alliance, Hepburn Shire Council is committed to a safe, equal and respectful society for all.”

“Councils have an important role to play in providing governance that will benefit the wellbeing of the current and future community.  Our CEO and some of our Councillors recently appeared in a video discussing the leadership statement and Council’s commitment to the campaign,” said Cr Kokocinski.

We have been working in partnership with key stakeholders and organisations to prevent violence against women and their children, and to create a safe and equitable community for all regardless of their gender, age or background. We’re all part of the solution,” said Cr Kokocinski.