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Letter To Editor

Many of your readers would have heard of the phrases “snouts in the trough” and “jobs for the boys”.

And we want to believe as residents and ratepayers of The Moorabool Shire that our shire is free from this corrupt practice?

In a democratic society tenders are designed to give people the opportunity for a chance to apply for services, such as the mowing of cricket ovals.

The Elaine Cricket Club committee would like to have the opportunity to put in a tender for the mowing of the Elaine Cricket Ground. We have been promised by the Moorabool Shire that a tender process will be put out in the public arena by the Elaine Recreation Reserve committee of management, who is appointed by the shire to manage the grounds, but unfortunately this never eventuates.

This has been the situation since 2012.

In the interests of stamping out the pigs snouts in the trough and the jobs for the boys situation, surely waiting 8 years and counting for a tender process is a little too long. Don’t you think?

Concerned ratepayer Moorabool Shire And secretary of the Elaine Cricket Club, Shane Dunne

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