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National Volunteer Week

Volunteering comes in many forms and this week we celebrate those who have given their time to volunteer in their community, to a cause they believed in or because they simply wanted to help.

The Hon Catherine King MP Federal Member for Ballarat, said in a statement:

‘Over the course of this year we have seen again the importance of volunteers and their contribution to our community.

Through the summer the fires brought out the best in Australians with thousands of volunteers putting their own lives at risk to protect others.

Now, throughout the current crisis, emergency relief services and food relief organisations have provided assistance with food and bills as well as ensuring our most vulnerable Australians remain socially connected during the pandemic.

Our volunteers have been and will remain an integral part of Australian life, before and after this pandemic – from our local theatres and museums; to environment and conservation groups; youth and mentoring; homelessness and housing; migrant services; seniors and aged care; health and wellness, including disability services; to our local sports teams and clubs. When communities were torn apart by bushfires, volunteers were along the first people on the ground to help.

Volunteering is valued at more than $200 billion to the Australian economy. But it provides us with some things we cannot put a dollar figure on: a sense of belonging, wellbeing and strong communities.’