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$500K Funding for Daylesford Aquatic Centre and Civic Plaza

Hepburn Mayor Licia Kokocinski. Photo submitted

The Daylesford Aquatic and Civic Plaza Precinct project has been granted $500,000 through the State Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund to deliver a new Civic Plaza as part of a greater vision for the Daylesford Town Hall precinct.

Cr Licia Kokocinski said that funding is to deliver a new Civic Plaza within the grounds of the swimming pool precinct, activating it as an important community greenspace in the CBD.

“Funding received previously will be used to deliver new family friendly facilities at the pool and disability compliance. Works will transform the precinct and provide an improved visitor experience,” said Cr Kokocinski.

The project has been subject to significant community consultation, particularly during 2018.  This project’s key components include:

  • Pool Facilities – including a new Kiosk, Family Friendly Change Amenities and Plant Room
  • Civic Plaza – the creation of the Civic Plaza will utilise space from the existing pool grounds and will act as an attractive and welcoming entry to the aquatic facility and Senior Citizens Centre. The plaza will provide a much-needed public accessible open space that can also cater for markets, public exhibitions and community events, along with becoming a breakout space from the highly utilised Daylesford Town Hall. Additionally, this project will provide Disability Discrimination Act compliant pathway access to the Senior Citizens centre.
  • Improved Pool Access with the building of a new toddler pool and play area; Access to 50M Pool (Pod providing disability access to the pool); maximising of current solar heating opportunities; and
  • Landscaping to include universal access across the site.

The revised costing for delivery of the project is estimated at $1,532,992, funded through:

  • $200,000 SRV Funding (announced previously)
  • $500,000 RDV (announced now for the Civic Plaza)
  • $832,992 (Council funding)

Council have appointed LOFT Architecture to work on the designs and contract specifications, with construction expected between September 2020 to April 2021, while keeping the pool open.

In addition to the Daylesford Aquatics and Civic Plaza Redevelopment Project, Council has submitted a funding application to Sport and Recreation Victoria seeking $30,000 in funding to combine with a proposed Council contribution of $50,000 to develop a 10-year Aquatics Strategy for the Shire.  The strategy will consider future options for the type of facility (indoor/outdoor) and examine the Shire’s needs and capacity.  The Strategy, which will involve community consultation, will also guide the future strategic direction and all the things that are involved in infrastructure and asset development for the entire Shire.