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New Adult Changing Place to aid people with disability

Ballarat Botanic Gardens

People with a complex disability will soon have access to a new changing place and accessible toilets in the North Gardens.

Funded by the City of Ballarat’s Social Infrastructure Program, the changing place will include a tracking ceiling hoist, an adult sized change table, an accessible shower and accessible bathroom fittings.

The existing accessible toilets will also be re-built to improve services for all community members who may have additional needs.

To be constructed by Ballarat based firm Masterson Builders, the facility will be completed by mid-year.

The new facility will replace the hugely successful City of Ballarat Marveloo at North Gardens, with the Marveloo to reside permanently at Mars Stadium when not being used at key events around the city.

The project is an initiative under the City of Ballarat’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022. It is one of a number of similar local facilities that have been installed over the past few years, making Ballarat one of the leading cities across the country for provision and access.