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Mayor Cr Ben Taylor reminds residents to be cautious

Following the announcement by Premier Daniel Andrews this morning, the City of Ballarat is urging all residents to stay at home unless they need to go outside for food, medical care, exercise, work or education (when it cannot be done from home) or visiting friends and family.

The City of Ballarat supports the Victorian Government’s decision which allows Victorians to now have up to five visitors (if they are family and friends) in our houses and 10 people at outdoor gatherings.

Mayor Cr Ben Taylor says Ballarat will continue to follow all State and Federal advice, as its primary focus for the next six months is to ensure that we have the best chance of avoiding the major impacts of COVID-19.

“We welcome today’s decision to allow the opportunity for many members in our community to reconnect with their loved ones.”

“We want to stress that this is not a return to normal. We’re asking all Ballarat residents to limit their circle to just close family and friends.”

While the City of Ballarat will continue to review all of its services in line with this plan, along with the relevant health official advice, at this stage there will be no changes to its services.

Mayor Cr Ben Taylor says it’s important to remember we are only six weeks into our six-month Response and Recovery Pandemic 2020 Plan.

“The City of Ballarat hopes we can start to deliver modified services to the community soon, but we will not do this prematurely.”

“The easing of the restrictions is to help family and friends, and give those most vulnerable in our community, an opportunity to connect and support one another. If you can stay at home – you must stay at home.”

“Ballarat has done a fantastic job in flattening the curve. We do not want to jeopardise the great work of our community, who have really listened to the Be Kind Stay at Home messages, and who have showed terrific community support by lining up to get tested as part of the recent Victorian Government blitz.”

“On behalf of my fellow Councillors, I want to thank all Ballarat residents. We now have the start of a roadmap out of the COVID-19 pandemic and we will follow it to keep you safe while getting Ballarat up and running again.”