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BE KIND- BE CREATIVE campaign explores the vision of a new future

As COVID–19 continues and communities respond to the changing shape of daily life, the City of Ballarat has identified and supported two creative groups, asking them to imagine and document how they see the Ballarat of tomorrow.

Acknowledging the importance of this historic moment in time, the musicians, poets and videographers responded with the messages they themselves wish to take with them into Ballarat’s future.

Commissioned as part of the City’s BE KIND – BE CREATIVE initiative, Council believes creativity is a central tenet of the City’s ability to cope and bounce back after the crisis.

“These two recordings are compelling and moving and help capture the moment of what we are living through, as well as providing an important outlet to process our emotions,” Cr Samantha McIntosh said.

The Yum Studio collaboration by cinè artist Erin McCuskey, poet Megan Riedl and composer Christine Tammer, produced their response entitled Yearning referencing the individual sensations of lockdown and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

While COVID poem produced by Ginkgo Productions, headed by Jarrod Hall with poet Justin Hayward and musician Garth Horsfield, reflects on the time to listen and the acts of kindness the crisis has encouraged.

“These very personal insights have been produced by the true record keepers of our time, the creative voices of our city, and we are grateful for their contributions,” Cr McIntosh said.

All videos can be viewed https://www.creativeballarat.com.au/stories

The BE KIND -BE CREATIVE initiative was designed to invest directly into local artists, makers, creatives and related businesses to keep the economy moving.

“We know it is forward thinking that will set us up for the best possible cultural and economic response and resilience once the emergency has passed,” Cr McIntosh said.

BE KIND -BE CREATIVE brings together the Prosperity Framework and embeds the Compassionate City and Creative City programs into Council’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.