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War on compostable waste

This week (3– 9 May) is International Compost Awareness Week and all residents are asked to consider a compost bin, worm farm, or bokashi bin to cut down on waste.

With most of us spending more time at home social distancing or working from home, there has been an increase in cooking and food preparation.

Leftovers, food scraps and skins, and foods that have passed its use-by date make up a significant amount of the rubbish produced in households each week.

To encourage more people to take up composting, the City of Ballarat’s Compost Revolution group is currently offering a $10 discount on all orders (over $50). All you have to do is enter the phrase FREETOGROW in the coupon space when placing an order.

Ballarat residents already get a significant discount on the Compost Revolution website. Once a resident puts in their address, the products are offered at a reduced price, which is up to 40% off the recommended retail price.

Ballarat residents will also be able to enter a competition to win products, with a total value of $2000. Both incentives are available for the entire month of May.

Coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, fruit and vegetable skins, cardboard and other types of paper are just some of the many items that can be composted.

Residents who are unable to compost their food waste at home are encouraged to use the ShareWaste.com site which maps people in your area who are keen to receive your food scraps for their own compost, worm farm or chickens.

To find out more and access the discount visit: https://compostrevolution.com.au/

To find out more about the competition visit: www.cleanupaustraliaday.org.au/win-a-compost-bin