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Be cautious with wildlife at Lake Wendouree

Native wildlife is the responsibility of the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

While more people are exercising around Lake Wendouree due to Stage Three COVID-19 restrictions, most of the wildlife rescues have occurred due to car collisions.

Collision hot spots are commonly on the west side of the lake, around the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, as swans and other wildlife cross the road to look for shelter and food.

The City of Ballarat wants to remind everyone to drive slowly around Wendouree Parade, particularly in bad weather and be mindful of the speed limit and roundabouts.

Bad weather can increase the chance of car collisions due to poor visibility and the increase of birds crossing the road looking for shelter.

The City of Ballarat wants to actively discourage anyone from feeding the swans. Feeding the swans encourages them to become more aggressive, sick and not forage for their own food. The City of Ballarat can issue fines if people are caught feeding the swans.

Anyone who finds any injured wildlife at Lake Wendouree can call Wildlife Rescue on 0417 380 687. City of Ballarat staff will also attend if the animal is reported and arrange treatment.

If you see an injured swan, immediately phone a wildlife rescuer on 0417 380 687 or call the City of Ballarat on 5320 5500.