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More Funding for Emergency Relief in Ballarat

Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King.

Emergency relief organisations in Ballarat are set to receive a boost as they work to help those most affected by the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Over the next two years, relief organisations in Ballarat will receive an additional $315,593, this is on top of the $581,175 they will receive over the 2020/21 financial year. This funding will be used to assist Ballarat residents with paying for food, transport, school supplies, housing and utilities bills.

“Sadly, the coronavirus crisis and its economic impacts are having a massive impact on many in our Ballarat community. Thousands have lost work and have been forced to rely on emergency relief to stay afloat,” Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King said.

“Emergency relief organisations across Ballarat are doing incredible work, but they are struggling to deal with the increase in need as well as having to themselves adjust to the changed circumstances we all find ourselves in. This funding will go a long way to helping them adjust to new service-delivery challenges as well as getting more support to those who really need it.”

“Ballarat residents are doing a great job throughout this crisis, supporting each other and stopping the spread. This funding will deliver more assistance to those struggling in our community.”

Recipients of additional funds in Ballarat will include Uniting and Foodbank, while a list of all providers in our area can be found at https://serviceproviders.dss.gov.au/.