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Post Office Gallery Exhibition

Image: Graeme Drendel, Trance, 2019, oil on canvas H197 x W183 cm. Courtesy the artist and Australian Galleries, Melbourne

SAT 14 MAR – end date TBA

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and potential impact on the safety of visitors, staff and wider community, this exhibition will be closed until further notice.

In Graeme Drendel’s first solo exhibition in Ballarat, Victoria, the renowned Australian artist presents his intriguing vignettes for which the artist is well known and celebrated – his subjects and characters on the one hand puzzling and perplexing and on the other mystical and surreal.

Born in the Mallee, Victoria, Drendel has gained recognition for his highly accomplished hand in drawing and painting, and for his particularly intelligent observation and portrayal of life and the human condition.

Following a successful solo exhibition at Australian Galleries, Melbourne. Card Carriers in 2019, Drendel’s new series is painted in his characteristic enigmatic style, revealing situations in which figures are removed from the larger group, isolated in the landscape, acting as if they’re individually negotiating their actions and demonstrating what we as humans do. Alone or in pairs, Drendel’s characters appear preoccupied, stilled within the vast open landscape surrounded by the darkness and emptiness beyond.

Here, within these richly painted scenes Graeme Drendel invites the viewer to contemplate meaning, questioning and at the same time revealing the idiosyncrasies of our individual and shared experience, as well as the often unspoken oddness and humour of everyday life.

Born in 1953, in Ouyen Victoria, Graeme Drendel spent two years of his undergraduate studies at Federation University (formerly Ballarat Teachers College and Ballarat School of Mines). He has exhibited broadly nationally.