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Dog owners – pick it up!!!

Gone to the trouble of picking it up and then dumping it by the walking track. Now we have two lots of rubbish to deal with!

While it is encouraging to see people taking daily exercise in Ballarat’s parks and streets, it is becoming less enticing for regular users as they dodge dog faeces.
With an increase in the number of people taking their pooches out for walks, common courtesy seems to have fallen by the wayside.
Some dog owners do the right thing and pick up their dog’s droppings while others don’t give a damn.
While it is unpleasant to see, let alone step in, there are other reasons it should be picked up.

Statistics from the Victorian State Government web-site include:

• Around 900,000 dogs in Victoria produce 90 tonnes of dog poo each day!
• Some dog droppings contain harmful bacteria and nutrients. They can be washed through the stormwater system into natural waterways.
• Toxocara Canis is the roundworm that can be found in the faeces of infected puppies or adult dogs, and can be passed onto humans. Children, people with compromised immune systems and field sports players are most at risk of infection.

The City of Ballarat web-site clearly states: Please clean up after your dog. Not cleaning up is a littering offense.