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City of Ballarat – Permits issued for controlled burning

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The City of Ballarat is now issuing permits to landowners who have applied to undertake controlled burning for farming purposes.

Permits are issued under the Country Fire Authority by the City of Ballarat Fire Prevention Officer, allowing landowners to undertake controlled burning during the Fire Danger Period under very strict guidelines.

The permits issued will allow landowners to undertake broad acre burning of stubble and grass, providing farmers with the opportunity to prepare their land for future cropping.

The permits have strict guidelines – if the permit holder fails to meet the permit conditions they can be held liable and are subject to significant penalties.

Breaching permit conditions, or lighting a fire during this period without a permit, can result in fines of over $19,800 and or 12 months imprisonment.

Please be aware – there may be large amounts of smoke in the areas north, north-west and west of Ballarat due to controlled burns taking place from 3 March 2020.

The CFA will also conduct controlled ecological burning in a 9.1 hectare location in the middle of Victoria Park next Thursday 12 March between 12-4pm. This burn, which takes place about every five years, works to promote the native grasses and also reduces fuel ahead of next summer. 

Burns may be inspected by the City of Ballarat’s authorised officers, Victoria Police or the CFA, with any non-compliance of permit conditions resulting in the permit being cancelled and appropriate authorities informed.

Permits will not be issued for piles of green waste or general waste.

The City of Ballarat has also identified areas in the municipality where planned burns will take place for environmental purposes and for the removal of future fire hazards.

Burns on City of Ballarat land will be conducted by the CFA when weather conditions are suitable.

To find out more and to apply visit ballarat.vic.gov.au.