Home News Father Bob Maguire Visits Beaufort Town Market this Saturday

Father Bob Maguire Visits Beaufort Town Market this Saturday

For over 40 years Father Bob Maguire has worked with disadvantaged and marginalised people.

His foundation, The Father Bob Maguire Foundation, is a ‘Melbourne based registered charity providing food relief, social inclusion, educational support and a range of associated services so that no one is left behind’. 

While this feisty 85-year-old may be retired form the priesthood, his charity work is ongoing and his latest personal project is right here in Western Victoria – Fr. Bob Lourdes Camel Sanctuary in Amphitheatre, just outside Beaufort.

The goal of the sanctuary is a retreat for under privileged children.

“Some children have never been to regional Victoria”, says Fr. Bob.

“And lots of children have never patted a camel. Our new sanctuary can help them ‘get over the hump of life’.”

The sanctuary is run by Sally and Mick Millard and they, along with Fr. Bob and  camels Opari and Tilly, will be at the market from 9am to 1pm.

The group will be raising funds for the sanctuary and operating the monthly Sausage Sizzle.

They will be assisted on the day with regulars to the sanctuary, Buddies C.A.N from Ballarat.

The team from “Camel Milk Co” will be providing camel milk samples and letting us all know the health benefits of camel milk.

There will also be soaps and lotions made with Camel milk.

Come to the small, vibrant town of Beaufort this Saturday and avail yourself to goods on offer – you never know who you will run into!