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Hepburn Shire Council Local Law No 2 to be Considered at Meeting

Main street through Creswick. Photo eCommunity Press.

The review of Local Law No. 2 (LL2) is a legislative process that commenced early in 2019.  The LL2, which is reviewed every 10 years, addresses activities relating to the amenity of the Shire, including footpaths, Council buildings and facilities, reserves, nature strips and the keeping of animals.

A rigorous community engagement process has been undertaken, commencing with consultation sessions held around the Shire, in early 2019, inviting feedback prior to preparing the draft LL2.

This draft was then presented to the community for comment and generated significant interest and feedback, which was formally collected through two separate Section 223 submission processes.

Council received over 100 submissions, and on Monday 16 December 2019, a Special Meeting of Council was held, providing 18 members of the community with an opportunity to speak to their submissions.

Mayor, Cr Licia Kokocinski, said that the revised draft LL2 has taken into account community interest and has tried to strike a balance between local sentiment, safety, compliance and amenity.

“We have incorporated changes that reflect community feedback, including changes to the use of the term public place, foraging, riding horses and vehicle repair. We acknowledge the community’s desire to improve environmental outcomes, and we maintain our commitment to sustainability.”

“We have had a great response from the community to the call for submission and we thank the community for their feedback.  In this draft, we believe we have balanced our responsibility to ensure that the community remains safe, with the desire by some community representatives to use public land for different purposes, for example foraging and salvaging.”

“While on the surface, the revised draft does not feature wholesale changes, we are committed to working closely with the community on the policies and guidelines that underpin the Local Law No.2.  It’s these policies and guidelines that provide flexibility to better address some of the concerns of community members,” said Cr Kokocinski.