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Ballan’s $5.7 Million Investment

Central Highlands Water (CHW) has made a $5.7 million investment at the Ballan Wastewater Treatment Plant to cater for the ongoing population growth in Ballan.

CHW’s Chair, Mr Jeremy Johnson said, “The project improves the overall reliability and efficiency of the Ballan sewerage system, offers a valuable asset for future growth opportunities and has positive environmental outcomes for the region.”

“The investment in Ballan’s sewerage system is an example of CHW’s commitment to delivering capital investment programs that achieve major improvements to our water and sewerage systems and ensure we are prepared for the region’s long-term growth and securing water for the future,” Mr Johnson said.

The upgrade to the Ballan Wastewater Treatment Plant is a significant infrastructure investment for the region, which includes the construction of a new 140 megalitre winter storage lagoon ensuring greater capacity to recycle water and release during the irrigation period. One hundred percent of the water is beneficially recycled for productive agriculture.

Moorabool Shire Council Mayor Cr David Edwards said, “Moorabool Shire is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, which is expected to continue for the next decade and beyond.”

“Investments such as this by Central Highlands Water are vital if we are to manage this growth in a sustainable way,” Cr Edwards said.

CHW undertakes an Environmental Management Assessment prior to the commencement of this type of construction and has worked closely with the relevant water and catchment stakeholders to ensure the project was delivered in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan.