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Secure Water Storages for our Region

Central Highlands Water (CHW) wants to assure the community that water levels are in a good position to service our communities now and in the future.

Current water storage levels for the following systems are:

 Ballarat – 87%

 Maryborough and district – 69%

 Daylesford – 86%

CHW’s Managing Director, Mr Paul O’Donohue said, “Despite the warmer weather, our water supply resources remain in a good position.”

“The hot and dry summer reminds us that water is a precious and limited resource that we all need to use wisely. CHW’s permanent water saving rules are a set of common sense rules for our customers to use water efficiently,” Mr O’Donohue said.

“Through a variety of channels, including our “Let’s Talk Water” campaign, customers have told us they want to hear more about our water usage, water storage levels, and plans to ensure that we provide a safe, reliable and sustainable water supply now and in the future.

“The Annual Water Outlook summarises the water supply and demand situation across the Central Highlands region over the next 12 months. Our overall water resources are in a positive position, but customers should continue to use water efficiently,” he said.

CHW manages 15 separate water supply systems covering 9,275 square kilometres that fall within the local government areas of Ballarat, Central Goldfields, Golden Plains, Hepburn, Pyrenees, Northern Grampians, Moorabool and Corangamite.