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Sovereign Hill tours go beyond restricted section

Visitors to Sovereign Hill will now be able to experience a new mine tour, taking them beyond a restricted area of the outdoor museum.

The free tour will see visitors explore the ruins of the heritage-listed New Normanby mine, an abandoned quartz mine which was operated in Ballarat from 1887 through to World War One.

Tour-goers will also get to see a quartz sample donated by Ballarat Goldfields, who have recently broken through to original workings of this grand old mine, deep below the surface.

Today, very few sites like this remain, making this a unique opportunity to learn about one of the last Ballarat company mines.

More information on the mine tours can be found by visiting www.sovereignhill.com.au

New Normanby Mine information:
Recently, Ballarat Goldfields geologists had identified possible remnant ore, immediately below the 1600ft level of the old mine. After three months of dewatering the historic workings, the decision was made to create a breakthrough into the historic workings. On Thursday, 4 April 2019, the NOR482_SOD Dewatering Cuddy Rise was fired, exposing mine timbers buried for 100 years.
These timbers were in excellent condition, with Ballarat Goldfields setting them aside for the Sovereign Hill team to share during their tours.

Sovereign Hill Mine guides Stephanie Bastion and Flynn Jamieson, with Ballarat Goldfields Senior Mine Engineer, Phillip Petrie (front) and Manager Environment and Community, Kurtis Noyce (back). Image supplied.