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City of Ballarat looking for ambassadors

You don’t have to be a Ballarat identity to become a Ballarat Ambassador. Anyone can be a Ballarat Ambassador.

That’s the message behind the City of Ballarat’s new recruitment campaign for Ballarat Ambassadors.

Ballarat Ambassadors will take over from the current Visitor Information Centre role of visitor information volunteers.

On Tuesday 1 October, there will be a new phase in visitor services under the City of Ballarat. As part of this move, the launch for the first Ballarat Ambassadors has taken place.

Ballarat Ambassador volunteers will be the face of Ballarat. They will help people navigate and find out more about our incredible city.

Ballarat Ambassadors’ love and knowledge of the city and its rich history will add to Ballarat’s reputation as a friendly, welcoming and culturally vibrant city.

Ballarat Ambassadors will:

• Meet and greet visitors to the renamed Ballarat Information Centre at Town Hall

• ‘Roam’ the city centre, engaging with visitors

• Conduct tours of the city centre, highlighting significant sites of interest, and

• Assist in the delivery of events, to improve the customer experience.

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh and senior officers met with current Visitor Information Centre volunteers and Visit Ballarat staff recently to discuss the plans.
“We also encouraged current Visitor Information Centre volunteers to apply – after all, they are our original Ballarat Ambassadors,” Cr McIntosh said.

“The City of Ballarat would also like to thank Visitor Information Centre volunteers for their incredible service. These volunteers have been great advocates for our city and we thank them for the way they have welcomed visitors to Ballarat with so much warmth.

“Under the new initiative, our Ballarat Ambassadors will help us deliver an exciting broader-based city-wide approach to building the visitor economy. This approach will capture and promote the full range of benefits of living, working and visiting Ballarat.

“Most importantly, it will go beyond simply attracting visitors to promoting Ballarat as the ideal destination to live and work as well as visit.

The City of Ballarat has begun recruitment for Ballarat Ambassadors, following the meeting with Visitor Information Centre volunteers and Visit Ballarat staff.

From 1 October, the Visitor Information Centre will become the Ballarat Information Centre with a new look and feel within the Ballarat Town Hall. The centre will be the coordination point for our Ballarat Ambassadors.

Find out more and apply to become a Ballarat Ambassador at ballarat.vic.gov.au