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City of Ballarat Council Snippets

Recycling options discussed
Terry Demeo, Director Infrastructure and Environment “Council considered its options at Wednesday night’s council meeting in light of the very rapidly changing environment in respect to recycling. We will be in a position to advise of a direction in the near future.
In the meantime, council will continue to operate its local interim recycling sorting and processing facility.”

Ballarat to be represented at international summit
The City of Ballarat has accepted an invitation to send, at no cost to Council two representatives to the Hamamatsu Intercity Cooperation (ICC) Summit in Japan in October 2019.
A Councillor and a Council Officer will represent the City at the three-day summit.
The international trip is fully funded by the organiser.

Draft Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Framework to go on public exhibition
The community is invited to have its say on the draft Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan Framework, after it was approved at Council on Wednesday night.
The draft Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy and Action Plan Framework will go online at mysay.ballarat.vic.gov.au for public exhibition on Friday 23 August for a four-week period.
There are also three opportunities where the community can speak with a City of Ballarat officer to provide feedback:
– Friday 6 September, 1–3pm, Consultation@16 Bridge, 16 Bridge Mall
– Monday 9 September, 5–7pm, Lucas Community Hub, 160 Eleanor Drive, Lucas
– Thursday 12 September, 10am–12pm, Sebastopol Library, 181 Albert Street, Sebastopol

Council adopts Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2019-2021
The City of Ballarat’s Municipal Emergency ?Management Plan 2019-2021 was adopted by Council on Wednesday night.
The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee reviewed and updated the plan, which was open to community feedback earlier this year, and has been produced pursuant to Section 20(1) of the Emergency?Management Act 1986.
The committee includes representatives from the City of Ballarat, Victoria Police, State Emergency Service (SES), Department of Health and Human Services, CFA, DELWP, Ambulance Victoria, Ballarat Health Services, Red Cross, Victorian Council of Churches and Ballarat Community Health.
The plan brings together the many agencies and individuals who can take appropriate and timely action to prevent or mitigate, respond to and assist affected communities when it comes to recovery from emergencies within the municipality.
The revised plan includes:
– updates to the Municipal Demographic Profile based on 2016 Census data
– a review of the City of Ballarat’s Resource List to better assist the Control Agencies’ requests for City of Ballarat equipment
– amendments to the plan’s Internal and External Contact and Plan Distribution Lists
– support arrangements that the City of Ballarat receives from agencies, and how the City of Ballarat supports other municipalities
– a review of the City of Ballarat’s Emergency Relief Centre locations and facilities
– details of the emergency events that have taken place within the municipality over the past three years during, the previous plan’s life cycle.
Key improvements in the plan include:
– a new agreed process for formally recording and reporting on incidents
– a new charitable donations sub-plan
– a new checklist process for key nominated roles during incidents
– a strengthened internal audit process for Emergency Relief Centres, and
– a new communication channels to disseminate community preparedness and recovery information.
The Municipal Emergency Management Plan has a life span of three years but will be reviewed annually, or importantly, after an emergency event.