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Hepburn Shire Council Partnering in Prevention Lab

Creswick Town Hall. Photo eCommunity Press

Council will be partnering with Health Futures Australia to co-convene an ‘Early Test Community Lab’ in the Hepburn Shire.

This ‘Lab’ is part of Prevention Lab Phase II, stewarded by local not-for-profit organisation Health Futures Australia, which brings people together to co-design a community-led effort to tackle preventable chronic disease and increase healthy eating and physical activity across our communities.

Mayor Cr Don Henderson said that the Lab will co-design a strategy and interventions to shift the shire towards long-term sustainable health and wellbeing measures, especially in relation to the reduction of obesity.

“An important focus for the Lab will be building community leadership and engagement. This is a whole-of-community challenge and opportunity,” said Cr Henderson.

Benefits to the community by taking part in the Lab include:

  • Enhanced community leadership within the prevention environment
  • Opportunity to demonstrate regional, and potential national, leadership
  • Increased engagement of the community in the collective design of their healthy future
  • The possibility of new and exciting community-led initiatives
  • Potential new forms of investment and financing made available to the community.

The Prevention Lab is auspiced by the Central Highlands Regional Partnership. Building on the implementation of Phase I by Health Futures Australia in 2018, Phase II will focus on working with local government, business, industry, doctors, health practitioners, schools and community leaders to co-design a ‘system shift’ strategy and prototype a healthy community.

The first Hepburn Community Lab session will be held in Creswick on 6 September 2019.