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Scotsburn Primary School’s War against Waste

Students at Buninyong Primary School, Scotsburn campus, were inspired to take responsibility for their rubbish during a reflection on how the school can become more sustainable.

Weekly, students are involved in a Sustainability session where sustainable living is promoted, developed and hands on activities are explored.

When realising the amount of rubbish taken to school each day in their lunchboxes, students decided they would like to look into ways they could be more eco-friendly and reduce waste.

An idea to produce beeswax and vegan friendly wraps to package their snacks and lunches was the alternative they decided, that would help combat the schools war on waste!

Material was donated by a kind parent, and Australian beeswax and candela wax was soured. From here, each child was involved in the process of making their own wax wrap to use.

Each student now has a wax wrap to use daily to lessen the waste going into landfill each day.

Mia, Amity and Flynn with the finished product.