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Exhibition Showcases Unique Collection

Sovereign Hill’s Gold Museum will showcase a unique collection of photographic portraits in their new exhibition Pose.

Highlighting the work of Ballarat’s talented photographic studios, Pose will feature portraiture styles from carte de visites to celebrity postcards.

The exhibition will also display an extensive selection of cameras – from the 19th century box brownie to the 21st century smartphone.

Opening to the public this Saturday, Pose will coincide with the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, a city-wide photographic festival.

EXHIBITION HIGHLIGHTS – Women Pioneers of Ballarat Photographic Montage – Travelling Photographer’s Cart – Bardwell’s Royal Studio Photographic Montage – Extensive camera display including Premo No 1 Kodak camera (1896), Kodak Bow Brownie (1946) and Polaroid Land Camera (1970)