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Artists come together to share environmental concerns

Nine local and regional artists have come together to create the exhibition Common Ground, an exhibition celebrating the value of the natural Australian environment and explores our relationship with it. Common Ground is open at Backspace Gallery at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Each artist has brought to the project their personal experiences and knowledge about the region’s natural heritage and ecosystems. The exhibition features work by Katherine Barrand, Areka Brown, Jack Duff, Georgina Gould-Hardwick, Angus Gregurke, Patrick Gregurke, Ariana Llewellyn, Anne Schulz and Karl Woodward. They are a multidisciplinary group of emerging artists who are graduates and professionals in the fields of fine art, environmental science, conservation, architectural design and education. They have created a display of different styles and subjects and in different mediums including oil and acrylic paint, coloured pencil, recycled materials, ink, woodcut, digital image manipulation, photography, and mixed media.

Joint organisers Georgina Gould-Hardwick and Patrick Gregurke said that the aim of the project was to emphasise what remains and has regenerated in our landscape as well as touch on a variety of environmental issues.

Patrick Gregurke said ‘Our environment is continuously transforming over time due to natural forces and human intervention.

‘We are also interested in ecological and natural resource issues surrounding the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, as well as the functioning of ecosystems.

‘We want this exhibition to express our appreciation and understanding of the natural Australian environment today, while encouraging people in the community to cherish our native flora, fauna and ecosystems.’


Exhibition details

Common Ground

1–18 August 2019

Backspace Gallery, open Thursday–Sunday, 12 pm–4 pm