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Community opportunity to help finalise bushfire management strategies

Strategic bushfire management planning is an important action we undertake to jointly reduce bushfire risk.
Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Grampians Region, Tony English said: “The process of developing our plans has brought together land and fire managers, communities and other key stakeholders to develop a common understanding of bushfire risk across the landscape and determine appropriate management actions to reduce that risk.”

“Working together to deliver these plans, agencies and communities have indicated they can reduce bushfire risk effectively and efficiently, helping to maintain or enhance the values that Victorians wish to protect from the negative consequences of bushfires,” Mr English said.

“We are now seeking input on the final strategies, which were created from what communities said were important objectives during phase one and phase two of this widespread consultation as well as through direct conversations with community members across Victoria.
“Phase III opens 29 July – 12 August 2019, where we ask for review and feedback to confirm our final strategies.
“We invite you to participate in shaping these strategies for the places you care most about. A consultation report will be made available for each region in late 2019.
“Your feedback is important to upcoming work such as fuel management and prioritisation of resources across the region.”

Your input can be provided at https://engage.vic.gov.au/bushfire-planning, then by selecting your region of interest.