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National Tree Planting Day

Volunteers busy at work on the Union Jack Creek. Photos Debbie Kolarik

It was a frosty start for Ballarat’s tree planters who took part in the 2019 Planet Ark National Tree Day.
A number of sites in the Ballarat district were planted out on Sunday.

The Napoleons-Enfield Landcare Group Inc. has been working on a project involving weed and feral animal eradication and re-vegetation on the east bank of the Union Jack Creek, which was a goldmining area.

This project was started in 2018 and plantings on this site continued today.
Mary Tubb, Secretary of the Napoleons-Enfield Landcare Group, said that all up over 3000 trees have been planted on the site, as well as other works.

Local Buninyong family: Lucy, Kristy, Sarah and Daniel, doing their bit for future generations.

“There are blue-stone weirs all along the creek and you wouldn’t have know they were there before because it was all overgrown but once it had been cleaned up…it’s pretty amazing,” Ms Tubb said.
“We had about the same number of volunteers last year. I’m really pleased and we have had people from out of town join us, as well.”

Members of the Napoleons-Enfield Landcare Group Inc: Edith, Paul and John.