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Daylesford Geese to be Re-homed

A gaggle of geese in Daylesford has been duly evicted, leaving the town divided.

At the Council meeting on July 16 in Clunes, Council adopted the following recommendation:

That Council:

12.7.1. Acknowledges the community concerns and the impact of the domestic waterfowl on the ecological function of the lake.

12.7.2. Approves the removal and re-homing of the domestic geese and

waterfowl from Lake Daylesford and the proposed community engagement plan.

12.7.3. Approves the installation of signage at Lake Daylesford to reinforce the messages and encourage responsible animal ownership.

It is claimed that domestic geese at the Lake have bred over time and are significantly impacting the natural environment, reducing amenity for community members and visitors and placing native bird populations under stress.

Mayor, Cr Don Henderson, said that the geese will not be harmed and will be re-homed by a contractor with experience in similar removals from locations around Victoria, including Coburg Lake.

Council has briefed stakeholders at Lake Daylesford and staff will be onsite on the day of the re-homing to answer questions from the community.

“It is important to remember that dumping of domestic animals into the wild is an offence.  It also increases their risk of health issues.,” said Cr Henderson.

Re-homing will be carried out at a suitable time over the coming weeks to best reduce stress to the geese.