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Telstra outage leaves shoppers red-faced

While there is a percentage of the population that is pushing towards a cashless society, yesterday’s Telstra outage proved, yet again,  that being wholly reliant on using cards, can trip you up.

The outage hit around 2.30pm and consumers were unable to access their funds through EFTPOS, ATMs, OSKO and other payment platforms.

Bank staff were swamped with telephone calls from distressed customers who had their card payments declined and were left red-faced at the petrol bowser or supermarket check-out.

Many of these customers rushed to their bank to see what the problem was and after being reassured that their accounts were safe and they had funds in their account, returned to ‘old fashioned’ banking by withdrawing cash.

This is not the first time, and certainly won’t be the last, when systems, like this, shut down for a period of time.

Technology does make life easier in many instances but yesterday’s outage should make us all think hard about what track we want to go down.