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99.9 Voice FM is on the move

After 33 years of broadcasting as Ballarat’s community radio station 99.9 Voice FM, the station’s board of directors has unanimously agreed to move the station’s operations to Barkly Square in Barkly Street, Ballarat East, subject to gaining funding support from government, Ballarat businesses and our community.

This opportunity has strong support from Ballarat Group Training, who are developing an exciting community hub at their Barkly Square premises.

The move is part of the Voice Board’s review of its future strategic direction, particularly in light of the need for greater space, an upgrade to our facilities, a renewal of our services to further enhance and broaden diversity in our programming, and, importantly, having appropriate disability access, which Barkly Square more than adequately provides.

As 99.9 Voice FM is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based community radio station, the board has planned a range of activities to raise the necessary funds to make this relocation a reality. If you can assist us with this significant initiative, whether that be sponsorship, donations – no matter how much, every dollar counts – via PayPal or in-kind services, we will be very pleased to discuss opportunities with you and your organisation.

Also as part of the review, the board will hold its annual general meeting on the 11th September 2019 and is seeking new, motivated board members who have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, diligence, and soundness of judgement to undertake the duties of the role.

Do you have, or do you know someone who has, experience in strategic expertise, financial management, legal matters, accounting, business administration, media experience (particularly in radio/broadcasting), fundraising, risk management and/or marketing and is passionate about Ballarat’s community? Or do you belong to an organisation that could provide expertise to assist the board with its future strategic direction?

If so, we want to hear from you or them.

99.9 Voice FM is also wanting to hear from individuals interested in being involved in operational committees, being on-air presenters or panel operators, and/or interested in other aspects of our volunteer operations.

The key goals and objectives of 99.9 Voice FM are as follows:
1. Involve and inform the community of local events and affairs.
2. Stimulate interest and entertain through a wide variety of programming styles and tastes.
3. Build a stronger sense of community.
4. Maintain a radio station that can provide opportunities in the areas of education, ethnic, indigenous and current affairs as well as broadcast local music, sport and news.
5. Raise public awareness and foster a general understanding for groups that represent the disadvantaged members and residents of Ballarat and the Grampians region.
6. Support local volunteer and emergency groups by providing air time for their messages.

99.9 Voice FM – the voice of Ballarat – is about the Ballarat community. The community that you live and work in is both the audience and the makers of our community radio station.

The 2018 National McNair Community Radio Survey indicates that community radio draws its audience from a wide cross-section of the community, with a reach of at least 20% of most demographic groups tuning in to community radio during a typical week.

99.9 Voice FM’s point of difference is providing specialised services for audiences that commercial radio and the public broadcaster does not typically target, satisfy or serve.

If you have, or you know of someone who has, the skills and attributes to assist 99.9 Voice FM grow, please contact the board secretary by email: secretary@voicefm.com.au