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King ‘Ballarat Infrastructure funding could boost the economy’

Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King.

Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King has called on the Morrison Government to invest in infrastructure to boost the economy, starting with projects like the Ballarat Airport upgrade.

The Governor of the RBA, states and business groups have urged Scott Morrison to bring forward his infrastructure promises from the never never to now to stimulate Australia’s floundering economy.

And business leader Tony Shepherd – the architect of the Liberals’ own Commission of Audit – has also called on Morrison to invest urgently in infrastructure maintenance.

“The RBA Governor, the states and the business community have now endorsed Labor’s call for the Liberals to make urgent infrastructure investments to stimulate the economy. Why won’t Scott Morrison listen?”, Ms King said.

Growth is just 1.8 per cent for the year – the lowest annual figure since the Global Financial Crisis – and Australia is still in a GDP per capita recession.

Over their first five budgets, the Liberals delivered $5.1 billion less for infrastructure than they promised.

“The 2019 Budget continued this shocking record, with big promises on the never never, but just a fraction of the needed investment budgeted. According to the Government’s own Budget Papers, more than 70 per cent of the “new” funding announced in the Budget will not flow for at least another four years.”

“In contrast, Labor went to the election with a commitment to invest $5 billion more on infrastructure than the Liberals over the next four years.”

“Labor’s nation-building infrastructure plan included dozens of shovel-ready projects that would boost our economy and improve the lives of Australians, particularly in the regions including $14 million to bring Ballarat Airport into the 21st century.”

“Labor stands ready to work with the Liberals on these projects and others.”

“This investment at Ballarat Airport will expand the main runway’s length to at least 1,800 metres – delivering a significant, long-term infrastructure asset for our city.”

“Everyone in Ballarat knows how important this project is, and now Scott Morrison needs to come on board for the good of our region and the good of our economy.”

“The Government is there to serve the entire country – not just marginal and Liberal electorates”.

“It is time for the Government to stop playing games and invest in the urgent infrastructure needs of Ballarat and our region to get our economy back on track.”