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Wendouree roll-out of urban forest action plan

Progress towards an aim of 40 per cent tree coverage in Ballarat has started in Wendouree.

The City of Ballarat Parks and Gardens team will plant 400 trees along main roads in Wendouree and Wendouree West, starting with Gillies Street from the freeway entrance.

Tree species include a mix of native and exotic trees, with the trees funded through the City of Ballarat’s ongoing tree planting program.

An additional $500,000 has been allocated in the 2019/20 budget approved by Council this week.

The planting program is in line with the City of Ballarat’s Urban Forest Action Plan, which has set a target of 40 per cent tree cover for Ballarat by 2040.

City of Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh said Ballarat’s tree canopy was measured at 17 per cent in 2016, with lower rates in Wendouree meaning that suburb had been prioritised for further tree planting.

“We’re focusing on Wendouree because that suburb currently has a 6% rate of tree coverage.”

“We know that greater levels of urban forest, which includes street trees and planting parks reserves and private property, has a range of benefits for residents, including air quality improvement and reduction in energy costs.”

“While the initial planting will be along main streets, we will plant more trees in residential areas.”

The tree planting program has been supported by the City of Ballarat Engaging Communities Program in Wendouree, and follows a number of recent Wendouree projects under the program at sites such as Pioneer Park, Montgomery Street Reserve and Wyndholm Reserve.