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Backspace Gallery Showcase

The latest exhibition at the backspace Gallery at the Art Gallery of Ballarat features work by four emerging female artists from the Ballarat region.

The artists are sculptural works by Myfanwy McLean, drawings by Rachel Power, oil paintings by Teira Stuart and watercolour drawings by Mel Jane Wilson.

 Myfanwy McLean studied set design at the University of Tasmania before moving into visual arts, studying at the Arts Academy, Federation University Australia. Her ceramic works set in concrete blocks represent mental illness. The concrete stops the illness from being active and is like psychiatric medication that stops mental illness in its tracks.  But could also be seen as the problem instead of the cure, holding the free spirit from reaching its full potential.’

Rachel Power, also known as Rocket, creates drawings to communicate narratives which are layered with symbolism and exuding a surreal ambience. Her works in this exhibition follow the theme of ‘escapism’, as she explores the questions what is escapism, why do we engage in it, and what is the nature of the worlds we ‘escape’ to.

 For Teira Stuart, art is a sacred communion between the artist and their muse.

She says ‘I am inspired by inner visions so that things which are unseen become my reality while l am in front of my canvas.

‘It is both a blessing and a joy to create in this way – there is a deeper world within, a world without end and l seek that which is unknown.’

 Mel Jane Wilson completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne in 2015. She has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne and participated in group exhibitions across Australia.

She has an ongoing interest in combining her processes that sometimes includes craft, collage and sculpture and in her paintings she references imagery that emerges once she collects images and makes observations from abstraction and natural formations.

Exhibition details

Venus rising: Four emerging women artists

20 June–7 July 2019