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Art Gallery of Ballarat Art Bites

The Art Gallery of Ballarat has relaunched its program of activities for outside school hours under the banner AGB Kids. The Gallery Education team will offer two programs during every school holiday period, one targeted to younger children, and other for older children and teenagers.

Art Bites for little kids is a full-day school holiday programs for children aged 5-7 yearsin which children explore materials and techniques to create artworks that respond to the Gallery exhibition program.

Art Camp for 8-14 years is a program which runs for three full days, during which students will explore the Gallery’s collection  and then, guided by the Gallery Education team, will experiment with a variety of materials and techniques to create finished artworks ready for display.

As part of the Art Camp experience, students will work collaboratively to create a pop-up exhibition allowing the students to display their work to their family and friends and to celebrate their achievements.

Art Bites is on offer on Monday 1 and Monday 8 July while Art Camp will be taking place between Tuesday 2 July and Thursday 4 July 2019.

The cost for the one-day Art Bites program is  $80 or $60for Gallery Members, while the cost of taking part in Art Camp is $160, with a price for Members of $130. Places are available in all sessions.