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Hepburn Shire Council Satisfaction Survey

The results of the 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey indicate improvements across all performance measures for Hepburn Shire, except for Advocacy where Council’s score has remained the same as 2018.

The Local Government Community Satisfaction Survey is an annual survey conducted by the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, and is designed to measure community satisfaction with local government performance. It provides some insights into how communities view the performance of their Council at a point in time.

Evan King, CEO, said that these results are a clear indication that the community sees improvement in Council’s performance, while still highlighting areas where it can improve.

“The survey gives us a clear snapshot of our performance at a point in time. While we’re performing well in developing tourism, the appearance of our public places and waste management, the community want us to do better in the areas of slashing and weed control, and planning and building permits. They also want us to do more when it comes to dealing with our shire’s waste,” said Mr. King.

Council’s overall performance increased by 4 points, overall council direction increased by 5 points and sealed roads increased by 4 points.

“I welcome these improved results, but I know that there is still a lot of work to do. Our focus is on putting the customer first and investing in those projects and services that are important to our community,” said Mr King.