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Wendouree Station turns ten

Former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks AC and the Member for Wendouree Juliana Addison led a community celebration, yesterday. marking ten years since Wendouree Railway Station opened to the public.

The Wendouree Railway Station was officially opened by the former Minister for Transport, the late Lynne Kosky, on the 12th of June, 2009, offering people on the western side of Ballarat access to a new station with 63 services a week.

Since then, services and patronage at Wendouree Station has grown markedly, with 265 services per week. The Andrews Government has also taken steps to cater for the increased demand, completing 200 additional carparks in 2018 and commencing work on a second platform, due to be opened later this year.

Mr Bracks and Ms Addison travelled by train to Wendouree Station this morning to celebrate its tenth birthday with members of the local community.

Ms Addison said the station has become a vital link for the Ballarat community.

“Hundreds of people a day rely on Wendouree Station and I’m really proud to be here today with Steve Bracks to mark this important birthday,” she said.

“The Andrews Government recognises the importance of Wendouree station, that is why we have created 200 extra carparks and we’re upgrading the station. The upgrade will feature a new platform and rail track on the south side, a new accessible overpass linking the platforms and improved security and lighting” Ms Addison said.

Mr Bracks, who was Premier when funding was approved for the new station, said it was clear a second station was needed to cater for Ballarat’s growing population.

“When we opened Wendouree Station ten years ago there were 63 desperately needed service a week, now there are over 250 showing us not just how much the station was needed then, but how much it’s still needed today,” Mr Bracks said.

These upgrade will create enough space for trains to pass each other at Wendouree Station. It will fix the current problem that sees delayed services from Melbourne terminate at Ballarat and passengers forced onto replacement coaches because trains can’t pass in this section. Construction will be completed by the end of 2019.