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Lobbying for investment in integrated rail solutions

Statement from City of Ballarat Deputy Mayor Cr Jim Rinaldi

City of Ballarat has been a long term proponent of investment in integrated rail solutions for freight and passenger services throughout Victoria, actively lobbying governments at the state and federal level on the issue over many years.
The most recent  paper released by the City of Greater Geelong is an important discussion starter for taking a fresh look at how we can ensure all regional Victorian cities have the best possible transport connections and rail access to ensure sustainable growth. Not just to Melbourne but across the state. Not just about commuting passengers but about freight the movement of produce and products.

For quite some time the City of Ballarat has been working with the City of Greater Geelong, as well as Regional Cities Victoria and and Regional Capitals Australia to ensure efforts to secure the most reliable integrated regional transport services are coordinated and complementary and serve a multiple of communities.
Long term regional companies like Mars Wrigley which have made their home in Ballarat need to have their voice heard on these important issues. As do the 110,000 people and 6000 other businesses in Ballarat and region – particularly when it comes to growth, economic viability and the liveability of our city.

The same holds true for other regional cities and other regionally based businesses.
We have a great relationship with Mars and are making contact with the company to ensure it is  aware that the City of Ballarat continues to explore all possibilities and options to instil confidence, and remove barriers to business growth in Ballarat.