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Compost Revolution

Do you want to transform your food scraps into rich soil and fertiliser at home, reducing landfill and greenhouse gas emissions? The City of Ballarat is encouraging the community to embrace alternative ways of disposing of food and organic waste.

The City of Ballarat has joined forces with Compost Revolution. This online platform offers a large range of products which allow residents to choose from alternate methods of reusing food scraps including:
 Compost bins
 Worm farms
 Bokashi bins

The Compost Revolution website features educational tutorials showcasing each product.
The tutorials help you to choose which product is best suited to your home and shows you how to set them up. All products are ordered online and delivered to your door.
The platform suits residents who do not have the time to attend composting workshops, and people who enjoy the convenience of online education and home delivery.

Since launching a few weeks ago, more than 40 households have ordered 90 different products and more than 110 residents have watched at least one of the tutorials.
So far, the most popular products have been the worm farms. More than 15,000 worms have found a new home and have been put to work. The Bokashi bins, which ferment a large range of kitchen scraps including meat, citrus, tea bags and onions, have been the second most popular option.

Residents have also ordered a range of different compost bins to suit their needs, with the composter products that can take pet poo also proving popular.
More than 30 councils across Australia are promoting Compost Revolution – a social enterprise first started by three inner city Sydney councils. Through this program, more than 50 tonnes of organic waste are being diverted from landfill each week.
The City of Ballarat does not directly stock or sell any products and does not gain any income from sale of products.

Find out more at www.compostrevolution.com.au