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EPA’s online help for farmers

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has a one stop shop for online advice for the agricultural community, and is taking requests on what farmers need next.

EPA Executive Director Damian Wells says there’s already a lot of useful information in the Agricultural Guidance section of EPA’s website.

“We aim to support farmers; equipped with the right advice, farmers can manage the farm in a way that minimises harm to the environment and human health, meets Victorian regulations, and helps them to pass on their farms to the next generation in good condition,” Mr Wells said.

“Victoria’s $13 billion agricultural sector is very broad and we want to ensure our advice meets farmers’ needs. That’s why we’re encouraging them to tell us where they need greater support,” he said.

“Our Agricultural Guidance page includes a simple, two-minute survey that gives farmers an easy way to ask for the environmental advice they most value.”

EPA’s advice for agricultural community is available online at: www.epa.vic.gov.au/business-and-industry/guidelines/agricultural-guidance

It offers useful advice on protecting the environment and human health, and meeting Victorian law and regulations, on:

Livestock planning, including

  • odour modelling for broiler farms
  • separation distances between farming and homes or public buildings
  • approvals for large scale saleyards, piggeries, feedlots or animal holding depots

Farm waste including:

  • solid waste including silage wrap
  • effluent
  • dead stock
  • old batteries
  • building compost facilities
  • waste tyres
  • farm chemicals and containers

Chemicals, including:

  • oils and fuels
  • cleaning/maintenance chemicals
  • chemical storage

Noise, including generators and other fixed sources

Water, including risk management for reusing water

Sediment and dust, including from:

  • dams, basins and holding ponds
  • roads/tracks and earthworks