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Statement from Central Highlands Water

On 23 July 2018, a member of our Central Highlands Water metering team was injured in a dog attack. The team member was treated at the scene and was taken to the Ballarat Base Hospital, where he underwent medical treatment and has continued to have ongoing treatment and support since the incident.

Ms Jacqueline O’Neill, General Manager of Customer and Community said, “First and foremost our first priority is the safety of our staff and as an organisation, we will continue to provide support to our colleague.”

“Central Highlands Water has worked closely with all the relevant authorities over the past ten months to investigate the incident and find ways we can avoid this type of incident ever occurring again,” Ms O’Neill said.

“Our teams are continually examining ways to reduce this type of safety issue. We are providing our meter readers with special dog training and we are working closely with Councils and Shires within our region to mitigate any future dog attacks to the community.

“The digitisation of our network will in the future allow us to read meters remotely and provide our customers the opportunity to manage their water usage in real-time and remove a major occupational health and safety risks to our meter readers.

“We would also like to again make special mention to the community members who came to the assistance of our colleague and thank you for your courage and bravery in removing our colleague from the area during the incident,” said Ms O’Neill.