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MCDFNL Football Interleague Teams

The McDonald’s MCDFNL Interleague program is in full swing and is pleased to announce its final squads for Saturday.

The MCDFNL are pleased with the way the program is progressing under senior coach Clayton Scoble who is in his second year with the league,

Operations Manager Matt Lindsay is looking forward to seeing what the League can produce come May 18th when they take on Colac District Football Netball League.

“The MCDFNL are excited to have such a talented squad selected for the MCDFNL Senior Interleague Program,” Lindsay said.

“To have players of this calibre committed is fantastic and we are confident that the group will put up a competitive showing against the CDFNL.”

Lindsay praised the efforts of Scoble and his coaching panel for the way they have conducted themselves and built a strong team.

“Well done to Senior Interleague Coach, Clayton Scoble on compiling this squad and we look forward to Clayton and his coaching panel leading us on May 18th . ”

Last year the MCDFNL travelled to Gippsland territory and were defeated and they will be looking for a different result this Saturday on home soil.

On Thursday night the teams will be presented their jumpers and emergencies will be named.

The teams are as follows:
Senior Coach – Clayton Scoble
Assistants – Luke Treacy, Brendon Tranter, Rick Dowling, Dallas Byars.
Under 18 Coach – Daniel Petter Assistants – Jason Stewart, Jackson Lanfranchi, Jayden Humphrey
Under 15 Coach – Derek Arvidson Assistants – Henry Potter

MCDFNL Senior Interleague Squad
Angus McKinna Carisbrook
Ash Munari Carisbrook
Harry Butler Carisbrook
Jackson Bowen Carisbrook
Kurt Bruechert Carisbrook
Nick Wright Carisbrook
Riley Herd Carisbrook
Steven Patterson Carisbrook
Zak Rinaldi Carisbrook
Kaleb McBride Harcourt
Lachlan Price Harcourt
Zach Denahy Harcourt
Lachlan Rokebrand Lexton
Lochlan Pett Lexton
Mark Webb Maldon
Brendon Hedger Maryborough Rovers
Monte Reeves Maryborough Rovers
Jye Mortlock Natte Bealiba
Lachlan Cameron Natte Bealiba
Jay Anderson Royal Park
Brad Ward Talbot
Daniel Mullane Talbot
Luke Kemp Talbot
Mat Smith Talbot
Trent Barras Talbot

MCDFNL Under 18
Anthony Brown Avoca
Jamie Beavis Avoca
Samsen Marlow Avoca
Taylor Kennedy Avoca
Liam Hurse Carisbrook
Luke Arvidson Lexton
Nathan Phillips Maldon
Jordi Cossar Natte Bealiba
Zac Mortlock Natte Bealiba
Charlie Ferguson Navarre
Dallas Flanagan Navarre
Josh Leith Navarre
Joshua Reid Navarre
Mace Bibby Navarre
Josh Milne Rovers
Trae Ewart Rovers
Billy Dalton Royal Park
Harley Taylor-Irwin Royal Park
Brayden Metters Talbot
Benjamin Cass Trentham
Jobe Dowling Trentham
Joel Brown Trentham
Lochie Tunn Trentham
Samuel Evans Trentham

MCDFNL Under 15
Jai Howell Avoca
Riley Hamilton Avoca
Anden Lever Carisbrook
Archer Patterson Carisbrook
Oscar Tatchell Carisbrook
Jordan Greene Lexton
Louis Debast Lexton
Nedd Bennett Lexton
Tyler Richards Lexton
Austin Peace Maldon
Dylan Ross Maldon
Finian Mackenzie Maldon
Xavior Noy Maldon
Damon Nitschki Maryborough Rovers
Jake Gavriliadis Maryborough Rovers
Sam Spink Maryborough Rovers
Ethan Chaplin Royal Park
Luke Guelen Royal Park
Aaron Collicoat Talbot
Kade Hyde Talbot
Luke Nisbet Talbot
Charlie Evans Trentham
Liam Pertzel Trentham

Lukas Hurse Carisbrook
Jeff Debast Lexton
Phil Stacey Maryborough Rovers