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Ballarat Yacht Club Results

Winter series Saturday 11/05/2019
2 races were run, the first 2 laps and the second one lap a windward return from one end of the lake up the rowing course, with a west south-west wind blowing 4 to 8 knots.
Also participating were two visitors, one from Cairn Curran and one from Albert Park.
Race 1 Yard Stick
1.Impulse: Jonathon Pullman (Albert Park)
2. Raider Crusader: Jason Heggart
3. Moving on: Neville Bilney
1. Impulse: Jonathon Pullman (Albert Park )
2. Man Verses Laser :Colin Bailey
3. Raisder Crusader: Jason Heggart
Race 2 Yardstick
1st Shiraz: Brian Canny
2nd Impulse : Jonathon Pullman (Albert Park)
3rd Chardonay : Eric Johnston
Race 2 Handicap
1st Shiraz: Brian Canny
2nd Impulse: Jonathon Pullman (Albert Park)
3rd Man Verses Laser: Colin Bailey